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Emotional eating is a universal thing. We have all made decisions to eat better only to abandon them when a bit of boredom leads us to reach for comforting foods. Frustration piles up on frustration, as the comforting but heavy foods leave their long legacy of weight gain.


Moral of the story: if we don’t take the step of dissolving the underlying problems, a hundred diet plans aren’t going to help.


Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself, does that apply to the way you eat?


Welcome to Enlightened, Happy Eating!

A respected psychologist helps identify emotional eating with 6
distinct signs in a recent Chatelaine magazine article:

Stop feeding your feelings!The Do Diet: Eight tricks to control
emotional eating for good


By Erinn Steringa: Consulting psychologist Dr. Susan Albers Wed Oct 20 2010

Identify the Problem


After a stress-packed day, who among us hasn’t sought solace in a
pint of cookie dough ice cream at least once. “We all comfort
ourselves with food to some degree” says Dr. Susan Albers, a
clinical psychologist and author of 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself
without Food. It only becomes an issue when you use food as your
primary source of coping and no matter how hard you try you can’t
achieve or maintain a healthy weight. How do you know if you are
undermining yourself by emotional eating? Albers says if you
regularly turn to food when you are bored, tired, angry, stressed,
sad or even happy, you may be relying on it too much.


According to Dr. Albers the following are six possible signs of emotional eating:

You eat healthily all day long, only to come home and binge at night

You race for the nearest drive-through after a bad day at work.

You eat past the point of satisfaction or fullness, and even then
can’t stop.

You constantly battle the bulge, never able to lose weight or keep it

You often beat yourself up about how much you eat.

You finish the whole bag of chips, cookies or crackers in one sitting.

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